S K Office Solutions owners of the brand name PLAYCLEAN.IN

S K Office Solutions, the owners of the website www.playclean.in was founded in 1973. We were the pioneers in selling hygiene products and introduced world's best tissue paper in India since 1996. We introduced the Indian markets to International Brands like Kimberly Clark,USA the owners of brand names Kleenex & Scott. Kimberly. We have now expanded our portfolio now to include Greenlime from Pudumjee Hygiene. 

Our Solutions Cover:

  1. Safe & Sanitised Hands - Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soaps
  2. Hygienic Washrooms - Washroom Cleaner, Floor Cleaners, Folded Paper Towels, etc
  3. Hygienic Workspaces - Facial Tissue Papers
  4. Kitchen Hygiene - Kitchen Paper Rolls.

We have been highly active in the B2B space and are servicing more than a few thousand customers today.  Our customers include

  • Corporates
  • Building Management Service Providers
  • IT Parks
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Small & Medium Enterprises

We offer everything that goes into a sanitized and safe workspace. Today our product categories include a curated range of products to safe guard your family from COVID19.