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Combo: Family Monthly Pack

Keep your Family Safe with products curated to take care of your entire family
Combo includes:
50 Disposable 3 PLY Masks.
50 pairs / 100 nos of Kimberly Clark Nitrile Gloves.
4 x 50ml Hand Sanitiser Gel for portability in your pocket for the 4 members in your family
2 x 250ml Hand Sanitiser Liquid for sanitising your workplace, car and all touch-points for the 2 working members.
x 500ml Hand Sanitiser Liquid for the entire family, maids visitors, parcels at the entrance of your house.
2 x 100 ml Toilet Seat Cleanser to sanitise seats in the public restrooms for the 2 working members.
1 x 5000ml Surface Sanitising Liquid for 360 degrees protection of your entire home. 

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